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Welcome to Pfaff medical


Our aim at Pfaff medical is to manufacture and develop medical products with exceptional precision and reliability. Innovation, functionality and modern design are our prime objectives here.


"The measure of quality" - right from the beginning, Pfaff medical has followed this motto. The fact that customers all over the world are satisfied with our service proves this.


Our company is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified.



The Swiss-Laos-Project


Pfaff medical maintains a lot of humanitary projects in conflict areas and third-world countries for many years. We are also supporting the Swiss-Laos-Hospital-Project since the year 2007. We herewith want to introduce the project, some people behind the scenes and our part as a company.

The Swiss Laos Project


The vice-president of the project, Mrs. Dr. med. Marion Mönkhoff from the Spital Zollikerberg in Switzerland and her team, investing some of their own private holiday time each year to spend some voluntary weeks in laotian hospitals. They teach the hospital staff, repair instruments and bring some donated equipment with them to raise the hospitals facilities there. This is an unpayable contribution to the people in Laos.


Nearly every of the strategical distributed Laotian newborn-wards now own a Pfaff Bilimeter. This could be realised also due to our financial backup. Also Pfaff medical as a small sized business is able to make a huge contribution to the society with little inputs.


We again want to congratulate the Swiss-Laos-Hospital-Project for their achieved pionieering in Laos. We want to assure our continuing support and want to wish your project furthermore success.


For informations about the project itself and the country of Laos please visit the website


Your Pfaff-medical Team

Product information


Bilimeter 3 – Bilihandy®


  • Maximum metering precision
  • nearly 100 % accuracy in ringtrials
  • Only small amounts of patient samples required
  • Easy to use
  • Small, light and compact
  • Only minor space required
  • Low power consumption

    Pfaff medical GmbH Bilimeter 3

The bilirubin problem


Discussions about optimal care for newborns with jaundice have gone on for years without change. On the one hand they were nourished by the latest findings about physiological and pharmaceutical effects of bilirubin, on the other hand by new possibilities for therapy and prevention. As well they were nourished by doubts about the correct evaluation of toxic concentrations of bilirubin and guidelines as to the correct treatment based on these. The exact measurement and precise analysis of the patient's sample is decisive for each aspect of the treatment.



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